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Danggg its been a month from today..& i have a few things to say lol

1) Whoever is razzy dazzy or whatever the stupid name is..is a fag & needs to leave ppl alone bc you have nooo right to what your doing & your blaming ppl for crap they didnt do so STOP!

2) The crap thats been happenin lately really needs to stop. Im sick of ppl being mad at each other & bein mad at ppl its stupid..why cant friends just be friends without fights??

Anywayyyyyyys lol sorry for the speech.

Nothing has been happening lately execpt..


=)..Me & Ben have been going out for a little longer than 6 months now..and im soo happy about that..i love you soo much Ben Anderson, thanks for everything!

And i love all my friends, yall are the greatest..no need for a list yall know who yall are & i just couldnt live without yall kids!!

Well im gonna goo


-I love you Ben!!

Comments would be nice!!
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