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Hey yall..i didnt go to skool today bc i felt soo sore when i woke up & it hurt like crap to get outta bed..so i just stayed home to rest..well ill start updatin w/ monday..

Monday:: Woke up & found out we had know skool so i slept for a little bit longer & then talked to ben about gettin together. At around 2 he came over & we hung out..wow that was fun! Then we went 2 the pet shop & i got a new puppy!! Aww its a Yorkie & its sooooo kute! hehe..then we came back home..and hung out some more & ate..Wow i just love u so much Ben!! Then round 8:15 he left so i got on the computer & got ready for skool & bed..

Tuesday:: I woke up went to skool..blahhhh. Then we haddda basketball game..we won! We're the champs of the B tourament..haha idk if thats good or what..so then i came home n hung out n did homework & all that lovely stuff..talked to ppl & went to bed.

Today:: Now im here writing this so im gonna go eate breakfast..

<33..I love u more than u know Ben!


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