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Hey yall..im really upset & bored so i thought id just put some poems i wrote on here..dont laugh cuz their pretty gay but oh well..

I Need You::

As i sit here & wonder,

I asked myself why.

Why did I lose you?

Why did we hafta fight?

You dont know how much you mean to me,

You dont know how much i care.

Believe me when i say

In my life i need you there.

I didnt think this could happen.

I thought we were so strong,

But we were very different..

& Everything went all wrong.

Pleaze forgive me,

I never meant those hurtful words i said.

I need you here with me,

Without you, I'll surely be dead...


Ok..this one is deicated to my Daddy..

I miss You::

I miss you so much.

Why did u hafta leave?

Life's not the same,

Without you here with me.

I need your loving hands,

Your soft and gentle touch.

The one who made me so strong..

& Taught me never to give-up.

I guess this is goodbye

I know your at peace.

But still life's not the same..

Without you here with me..


Ok..well comment if u like them & if u dont..im sorry..

<33..I love u Ben..thx for everything!


Thanks to all my friends, i love yall!

Lee..im so glad we made up!

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