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Hey kids..well i havent "updated" in awhile and dont really feel like it now..so im just gonna tell ya what i did today.

Morning:: I went to Church this mornin and that was ok i guess..i sat with Joe & Jenny & my lil brother bc he wants to sit with me lol..and then at like 12 it ended..

Afternoon:: After Church i went to ate at my grandparents house..that was kool i guess..i always enjoy goin up there bc we always have interesting talks..lol yeah..well when i was there i watched the NC State & Uconn game, and surprisingly NC State won! lol Then at like 2 i went over to Swaim for my lil brothers ball practice..hes playin coach pitch this year & lets just say that was interesting..its so funny to c him play but hes not the best lol.

Evenin:: At around 4 i went home & watched some of the UNC & Iowa game, and UNC won..oh yes go heels!!! lol gotta love 'em. Then at like 4:30 i went over to Ben's house and dyed easter eggs..haha that was funny as all. Then we just ate & hung out n stuff..it was pretty fun..Then i came home around 9:15..

~Now im here bored & goin to bed bc its gettin lateeeeeeee.

I love you sooo much Ben!!


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