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OMigah dude yall are abunch of fags just leave me the heck alone gah..Everyone thanks for the HELPFUL comments..yall are the best!!! & there just tryin to get to u..dont let it cuz their gay & cant get anything..so their desperate & really bored..

Anyways..gah lol ill start w/ Friday

Friday:: Skool was aight..boring then went over to Amandas & we ate then we hung out w/ Kendra & jumped on her trampoline..haha yall im the best at that dance..sorry!!!!! loL! Then we went up to Bens & hung out and stuff..yah that was fun..hahaha..then we went back to amandas & i almost got n a fight w/ a 4th grader..HAHA!!! But we beat them at basketball..oh yah!!! & then Kendra left & me n amanda ate and got ready for the mOovies..Seth picked us up & we met Ben & alot of other ppl there..it was aight..except someone kept throwin ice at my freakin head!!! ugh..lol

Saturday:: Woke up at Amandas then left bc i hada basketball game..Went to walmart then my game..i scored 6 points but we lost & it was our last game toooo..we didnt win any..HA! Cuz we're bad..lol Then i came home n Jenna & Caitlin came over & chilled & talked and ate n stuff..and then they spent the nite

Sunday:: Woke up..went to Church then went to my grandparents to eat & all that lovely stuff..& now im here & about to go outside..l8er yall

I love u sooo much Ben!!..<33


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