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QuOtE tImE

Hey..im bored so here on some quotes i like!!

Just because you hate someone
Doesn't mean they'll go away
Just because you love someone
Doesn't mean they'll stay
Just because you've got open arms
Doesn't mean you'll get a hug
Just because you don't want to die lonely
Doesn't mean that you'll be loved
Just because I love you
Doesn't mean you'll love me back
So just because you love someone
Doesn't mean you'll see it through
Just because you're dying for them
Doesn't mean they're dying for you
But just because you want to give up
Doesn't mean that you should
Cause the second you walk away from them
You walk away for good

u gotta stop callin eachother sluts and whores
it just makes it okay for guys to call you
[( s l U t T s + w h O r e S s )]
_ mEan giRls *

Love is like tug of war
the more u hold on the more it hurts ur hands
[ in this case ur heart ]
but sumtimes u juss gotta fall in the pit
nd hope that the person on the other side will help u up *

--| in a few years .. im gonna look back and say `* || hE WAS mY fiRST TrUe lOVE *' but maybe --» || i wont have to .. because hopefully he'll be right there beside me * ( f O r E V e R ) *--..I love u so much Ben

allow me to introduce the girl that stayed true

the one who stuck by when i was mad *blue*

in times of pain and whenever i cried, she was

who i went to, i love this lady no matter what she

do, no one could ever top her, not now not ever

not just friends - my back - my sister forever.. <-- Lk & Fr..<3 yall!

Thats all for now..

I love u soo much Ben!!! <33333



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