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Hey guys..i havent really updated..i think im gonna start updatin twice a week or whenever i feel like it cuz its too much trouble everyday..so heres what happened yesterday/today..

Yesterday:: Well i went to skool & it was the usual..then i had basketball practice..went to that & kinda helped with the carnations..i got alot! yay! lol..After that i came home took a shower & all that lovely stuff then went to Jennas for her bday party & it was fun! lol but i was talkin n my sleep n yellin at everyone haha sorry guys!! lol

Today:: I woke up at Jennas round 9 then went to my basketball game at 12..and we lost..no surprise there!! & i fouled out..again no surprise..lol and guess what?? Ben was there!! yay! lol then we went out to eat & ran arrands ((sp?)) with my Mom & then we came home..played some basketball & pool..then watched tv for bout 30 minutes & played the Xbox w/ my lil brother lol I WON..once! lol yay..then he went home & now im typin this & really bored! So im gonna go find something to do..l8er all

I love u soo much Ben!!..<33


Ps..DONT talk crap about me to my boyfriend..u know im gonna find out!

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